What is the meaning of bloodless?


  • Destitute of blood or apparently so."the bloodless carcass of my Hector sold- John Dryden
  • Free from blood or bloodshed.
    • usage: "bloodless surgery"; "a bloodless coup"
  • Without vigor or zest or energy.
    • usage: "an insipid and bloodless young man"
  • Devoid of human emotion or feeling.
    • usage: "charts of bloodless economic indicators"
  • Anemic looking from illness or emotion.
    • usage: "a face turned ashen"; "the invalid's blanched cheeks"; "tried to speak with bloodless lips"; "a face livid with shock"; "lips... Livid with the hue of death- Mary W. Shelley; "lips white with terror"; "a face white with rage"
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