What is the meaning of knock?


  • The sound of knocking (as on a door or in an engine or bearing. )
    • usage: "the knocking grew louder"
  • Negative criticism.
  • A vigorous blow.
    • usage: "the sudden knock floored him"; "he took a bash right in his face"; "he got a bang on the head"
  • A bad experience.
    • usage: "the school of hard knocks"
  • The act of hitting vigorously.
    • usage: "he gave the table a whack"


  • (v.) ()
  • Rap with the knuckles.
    • usage: "knock on the door"
  • Knock against with force or violence.
    • usage: "My car bumped into the tree"
  • Make light, repeated taps on a surface.
    • usage: "he was tapping his fingers on the table impatiently"
  • Sound like a car engine that is firing too early.
    • usage: "the car pinged when I put in low-octane gasoline"; "The car pinked when the ignition was too far retarded"
  • Find fault with; express criticism of; point out real or perceived flaws.
    • usage: "The paper criticized the new movie"; "Don't knock the food-it's free"
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