What is the meaning of talking?


  • An exchange of ideas via conversation.
    • usage: "let's have more work and less talk around here"


  • Exchange thoughts; talk with.
    • usage: "We often talk business"; "Actions talk louder than words"
  • Express in speech.
    • usage: "She talks a lot of nonsense"; "This depressed patient does not verbalize"
  • Use language.
    • usage: "the baby talks already"; "the prisoner won't speak"; "they speak a strange dialect"
  • Reveal information.
    • usage: "If you don't oblige me, I'll talk"; "The former employee spilled all the details"
  • Divulge confidential information or secrets.
    • usage: "Be careful-his secretary talks"
  • Deliver a lecture or talk.
    • usage: "She will talk at Rutgers next week"; "Did you ever lecture at Harvard"
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