What is the meaning of write?


  • Produce a literary work.
    • usage: "She composed a poem"; "He wrote four novels"
  • Communicate or express by writing.
    • usage: "Please write to me every week"
  • Have (one's written work) issued for publication.
    • usage: "How many books did Georges Simenon write"; "She published 25 books during her long career"
  • Communicate (with) in writing.
    • usage: "Write her soon, please"
  • Communicate by letter.
    • usage: "He wrote that he would be coming soon"
  • Write music.
    • usage: "Beethoven composed nine symphonies"
  • Mark or trace on a surface.
    • usage: "The artist wrote Chinese characters on a big piece of white paper"; "Russian is written with the Cyrillic alphabet"
  • Record data on a computer.
    • usage: "boot-up instructions are written on the hard disk"
  • Write or name the letters that comprise the conventionally accepted form of (a word or part of a word. )
    • usage: "He spelled the word wrong in this letter"
  • Create code, write a computer program.
    • usage: "She writes code faster than anybody else"
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