What is the meaning of royal?


  • A sail set next above the topgallant on a royal mast.
  • Stag with antlers of 12 or more branches.


  • Of or relating to or indicative of or issued or performed by a king or queen or other monarch.
    • usage: "the royal party"; "the royal crest"; "by royal decree"; "a royal visit"
  • Established or chartered or authorized by royalty.
    • usage: "the Royal Society"
  • Being of the rank of a monarch.
    • usage: "of royal ancestry"; "princes of the blood royal"
  • Belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler.
    • usage: "golden age of imperial splendor"; "purple tyrant"; "regal attire"; "treated with royal acclaim"; "the royal carriage of a stag's head"
  • Invested with royal power as symbolized by a crown.
    • usage: "the royal (or crowned) heads of Europe"
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