What is the meaning of cleared?


  • Rid of obstructions.
    • usage: "Clear your desk"
  • Make a way or path by removing objects.
    • usage: "Clear a path through the dense forest"
  • Become clear.
    • usage: "The sky cleared after the storm"
  • Grant authorization or clearance for.
    • usage: "Clear the manuscript for publication"; "The rock star never authorized this slanderous biography"
  • Remove.
    • usage: "clear the leaves from the lawn"; "Clear snow from the road"
  • Go unchallenged; be approved.
    • usage: "The bill cleared the House"
  • Be debited and credited to the proper bank accounts.
    • usage: "The check will clear within 2 business days"
  • Go away or disappear.
    • usage: "The fog cleared in the afternoon"
  • Pass by, over, or under without making contact.
    • usage: "the balloon cleared the tree tops"
  • Make free from confusion or ambiguity; make clear.
    • usage: "Could you clarify these remarks"; "Clear up the question of who is at fault"
  • Free from payment of customs duties, as of a shipment.
    • usage: "Clear the ship and let it dock"
  • Clear from impurities, blemishes, pollution, etc..
    • usage: "clear the water before it can be drunk"
  • Yield as a net profit.
    • usage: "This sale netted me $1 million"
  • Make as a net profit.
    • usage: "The company cleared $1 million"
  • Earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages.
    • usage: "How much do you make a month in your new job"; "She earns a lot in her new job"; "this merger brought in lots of money"; "He clears $5, 000 each month"
  • Sell.
    • usage: "We cleared a lot of the old model cars"
  • Pass an inspection or receive authorization.
    • usage: "clear customs"
  • Pronounce not guilty of criminal charges.
    • usage: "The suspect was cleared of the murder charges"
  • Settle, as of a debt.
    • usage: "clear a debt"; "solve an old debt"
  • Make clear, bright, light, or translucent.
    • usage: "The water had to be cleared through filtering"
  • Rid of instructions or data.
    • usage: "clear a memory buffer"
  • Remove (people) from a building.
    • usage: "clear the patrons from the theater after the bomb threat"
  • Remove the occupants of.
    • usage: "Clear the building"
  • Free (the throat) by making a rasping sound.
    • usage: "Clear the throat"


  • Rid of objects or obstructions such as e. G. Trees and brush.
    • usage: "cleared land"; "cleared streets free of fallen trees and debris"; "a cleared passage through the underbrush"; "played poker on the cleared dining room table"
  • Freed from any question of guilt.
    • usage: "is absolved from all blame"; "was now clear of the charge of cowardice"; "his official honor is vindicated"
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