What is the meaning of lap?


  • The upper side of the thighs of a seated person.
    • usage: "he picked up the little girl and plopped her down in his lap"
  • An area of control or responsibility.
    • usage: "the job fell right in my lap"
  • The part of a piece of clothing that covers the thighs.
    • usage: "his lap was covered with food stains"
  • A flap that lies over another part.
    • usage: "the lap of the shingles should be at least ten inches"
  • Movement once around a course.
    • usage: "he drove an extra lap just for insurance"
  • Touching with the tongue.
    • usage: "the dog's laps were warm and wet"


  • Lie partly over or alongside of something or of one another.
  • Pass the tongue over.
    • usage: "the dog licked her hand"
  • Move with or cause to move with a whistling or hissing sound.
    • usage: "The bubbles swoshed around in the glass"; "The curtain swooshed open"
  • Take up with the tongue.
    • usage: "The cat lapped up the milk"; "the cub licked the milk from its mother's breast"
  • Wash or flow against.
    • usage: "the waves laved the shore"
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