What is the meaning of proceed?


  • Continue talking.
    • usage: "I know it's hard" he continued, "but there is no choice"; "carry on-pretend we are not in the room"
  • Move ahead; travel onward in time or space.
    • usage: "We proceeded towards Washington"; "She continued in the direction of the hills"; "We are moving ahead in time now"
  • Follow a procedure or take a course.
    • usage: "We should go farther in this matter"; "She went through a lot of trouble"; "go about the world in a certain manner"; "Messages must go through diplomatic channels"
  • Follow a certain course.
    • usage: "The inauguration went well"; "how did your interview go"
    • synonyms: go
  • Continue a certain state, condition, or activity.
    • usage: "Keep on working"; "We continued to work into the night"; "Keep smiling"; "We went on working until well past midnight"
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