What is the meaning of relieve?


  • Provide physical relief, as from pain.
    • usage: "This pill will relieve your headaches"
  • Free someone temporarily from his or her obligations.
  • Grant relief or an exemption from a rule or requirement to.
    • usage: "She exempted me from the exam"
  • Lessen the intensity of or calm.
    • usage: "The news eased my conscience"; "still the fears"
  • Save from ruin, destruction, or harm.
  • Relieve oneself of troubling information.
  • Provide relief for.
    • usage: "remedy his illness"
  • Free from a burden, evil, or distress.
  • Take by stealing.
    • usage: "The thief relieved me of $100"
  • Grant exemption or release to.
    • usage: "Please excuse me from this class"
  • Alleviate or remove (pressure or stress) or make less oppressive.
    • usage: "relieve the pressure and the stress"; "lighten the burden of caring for her elderly parents"
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