What is the meaning of ease?


  • Freedom from difficulty or hardship or effort.
    • usage: "he rose through the ranks with apparent ease"; "they put it into containers for ease of transportation"; "the very easiness of the deed held her back"
  • A freedom from financial difficulty that promotes a comfortable state.
    • usage: "a life of luxury and ease"; "he had all the material comforts of this world"
  • The condition of being comfortable or relieved (especially after being relieved of distress. )
    • usage: "he enjoyed his relief from responsibility"; "getting it off his conscience gave him some ease"
  • Freedom from constraint or embarrassment.
    • usage: "I am never at ease with strangers"
  • Freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility. )
    • usage: "took his repose by the swimming pool"


  • Move gently or carefully.
    • usage: "He eased himself into the chair"
  • Lessen pain or discomfort; alleviate.
    • usage: "ease the pain in your legs"
  • Make easier.
    • usage: "you could facilitate the process by sharing your knowledge"
  • Lessen the intensity of or calm.
    • usage: "The news eased my conscience"; "still the fears"
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