What is the meaning of softened?


  • Make (images or sounds) soft or softer.
  • Lessen in force or effect.
    • usage: "soften a shock"; "break a fall"
  • Give in, as to influence or pressure.
  • Protect from impact.
    • usage: "cushion the blow"
  • Make less severe or harsh.
    • usage: "He moderated his tone when the students burst out in tears"
  • Make soft or softer.
    • usage: "This liquid will soften your laundry"
  • Become soft or softer.
    • usage: "The bread will soften if you pour some liquid on it"


  • Toned down.
  • Being or made softer or less loud or clear.
    • usage: "the dull boom of distant breaking waves"; "muffled drums"; "the muffled noises of the street"; "muted trumpets"
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