What is the meaning of warm?


  • Get warm or warmer.
    • usage: "The soup warmed slowly on the stove"
  • Make warm or warmer.
    • usage: "The blanket will warm you"


  • Having or producing a comfortable and agreeable degree of heat or imparting or maintaining heat.
    • usage: "a warm body"; "a warm room"; "a warm climate"; "a warm coat"
  • Psychologically warm; friendly and responsive.
    • usage: "a warm greeting"; "a warm personality"; "warm support"
  • Color) inducing the impression of warmth; used especially of reds and oranges and yellows. (
    • usage: "warm reds and yellows and orange"
  • Having or displaying warmth or affection.
    • usage: "affectionate children"; "a fond embrace"; "fond of his nephew"; "a tender glance"; "a warm embrace"
  • Freshly made or left.
    • usage: "a warm trail"; "the scent is warm"
  • Easily aroused or excited.
    • usage: "a quick temper"; "a warm temper"
  • Characterized by strong enthusiasm.
    • usage: "ardent revolutionaries"; "warm support"
  • Characterized by liveliness or excitement or disagreement.
    • usage: "a warm debate"
  • Uncomfortable because of possible danger or trouble.
    • usage: "made things warm for the bookies"
  • Of a seeker; near to the object sought.
    • usage: "you're getting warm"; "hot on the trail"


  • In a warm manner.
    • usage: "warmly dressed"; "warm-clad skiers"
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