What is the meaning of guide?


  • Someone employed to conduct others.
  • Someone who shows the way by leading or advising.
  • Something that offers basic information or instruction.
  • A model or standard for making comparisons.
  • Someone who can find paths through unexplored territory.
  • A structure or marking that serves to direct the motion or positioning of something.


  • Direct the course; determine the direction of travelling.
  • Take somebody somewhere.
    • usage: "We lead him to our chief"; "can you take me to the main entrance"; "He conducted us to the palace"
  • Be a guiding or motivating force or drive.
    • usage: "The teacher steered the gifted students towards the more challenging courses"
  • Use as a guide.
    • usage: "They had the lights to guide on"
  • Pass over, across, or through.
    • usage: "He ran his eyes over her body"; "She ran her fingers along the carved figurine"; "He drew her hair through his fingers"
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