What is the meaning of mold?


  • The distinctive form in which a thing is made.
    • usage: "pottery of this cast was found throughout the region"
  • Container into which liquid is poured to create a given shape when it hardens.
  • Loose soil rich in organic matter.
  • The process of becoming mildewed.
  • A fungus that produces a superficial growth on various kinds of damp or decaying organic matter.
  • A dish or dessert that is formed in or on a mold.
    • usage: "a lobster mold"; "a gelatin dessert made in a mold"
  • A distinctive nature, character, or type.
    • usage: "a leader in the mold of her predecessors"
  • Sculpture produced by molding.


  • Form in clay, wax, etc.
    • usage: "model a head with clay"
  • Become moldy; spoil due to humidity.
    • usage: "The furniture molded in the old house"
  • Form by pouring (e. G., wax or hot metal) into a cast or mold.
    • usage: "cast a bronze sculpture"
  • Make something, usually for a specific function.
    • usage: "She molded the rice balls carefully"; "Form cylinders from the dough"; "shape a figure"; "Work the metal into a sword"
  • Fit tightly, follow the contours of.
    • usage: "The dress molds her beautiful figure"
  • Shape or influence; give direction to.
    • usage: "experience often determines ability"; "mold public opinion"
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